Assorted Box of 6 Cakes

Assorted Box of 6 Cakes (Crusade Cake / Green bean Cake/Brown Sugar Mochi Cake)

The crusade cake is one of our signature pastries. The chef uses jack bean paste filling to replace the cheaper green bean paste filling, and makes multi-layered pastry with handcraft.

The irresistible delicacy wraps carefully ground and stir-fried green bean paste filling in more than 20 layers of crispy pastry.

Brown Sugar Mochi Cake replaces egg yolks with handmade brown sugar mochi. The new flavor is sweet and soft with texture al dente. The cake puts traditional salted egg yolks in red bean paste as its filling. Plus the crispy pastry blushed with egg yolk, the cake brings rich flavor along with the multi-layered texture.