Crusade Cake, Box of 6

Crusade Cake, Box of 6(Cheese Crusade Cake / Curry Crusade Cake / Green Bean Cake with Stewed Mushroom)

The crusade cake is one of our signature pastries. The chef uses jack bean paste filling to replace the cheaper green bean paste filling, and makes multi-layered pastry with handcraft. The fifth-generation of shop owners develops a new variety to the traditional delicacy by adding chees. The texture becomes softer and the taste more balanced.

As a creative interpretation of the shop's signature pastry, the cake applies an exclusive formula of curry sauce to stir-fry marinated pork, and mixes the curry pork with the famous jack bean paste to make the filling.

The irresistible delicacy wraps carefully ground and stir-fried green bean paste filling in more than 20 layers of crispy pastry. Adding stewed mushroom and special ingredients to the filling produces another popular snack.