Try Lee’s Cake to find out the best of Chinese Pastry

Trace back to the year 1895,
Lee’s Cake was founded in front of YongLian Temple.
With its reputation of making Chinese Pastry,
it is now one of the top bakeries in Da-dao-cheng area.

Lee’s Cake is a bakery shop with 113 years of history.
Located on Di-hua Street, it was founded by Lee, Teng-Fei in Guangxu 21st year of Qing Dynasty,
and passed down through the 2nd generation Lee, Yuan-Tan, the 3rd generation Lee, Shi-Ding,
to the hand of current owner, Lee brothers- Lee, Rong-Hua, Lee, Rong-Huan, Lee, Rong-Sheng and their children.